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Ask Tom is Tom Kyte's website. Agreat site for developers and DBAs, Tom will answer all manner of Oracle questions and will argue his points in detail, always using thorough worked examples (just tell him that you don't believe in using bind variables and you'll see what we mean...). 

Ixora is Steve Adams' website, simply one of the best sites for database administrators and anyone wishing to know how Oracle works.

JL Computer Consultancy The site run by Jonathan Lewis, the author of "Practical Oracle 8i - Building Efficient Databases", and like Steve Adams, another consultant with a thorough understanding of Oracle's innards.

Oracle Consultancy Oracle Consultancy Services from Quantix can assist you in implementing the very latest in Oracle technology or in developing a proven Oracle technology solution that is new to your company’s environment. As a leading Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, our extensive experience allows us to deliver best-in-class advice, feasibility, implementation and support, ensuring you get the most out of your Oracle investments.

The links provided here are all for sites managed by people with great technical Oracle skills. There are plenty of other Oracle websites out there - some good, others not so good. If you think that there are other top-quality sites worth including on this links page please let me know...