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I offer two main types of service: I can manage and administer your databases to keep them well-tuned, efficient and secure; and I can help sort out your database problems - these could be anything from tuning a system that is performing badly to sorting out your backup and recovery procedures. Essentially I can help you get the best out of your installation.

I may spend anything from a few hours to a few weeks getting your databases in shape, and arranging any long-term requirements you may have.

I have no hard-and-fast rules about what I will take on - give me a call and I can soon tell you whether I can help. If you simply want the answer to a specific question about the inner workings of the Oracle database, you can do no better than visit some of the sites referenced on the links page - I don't wish to replicate what others already do very well. 

However, if you want someone to come in and sort your databases out for you then give me a call.